Are you thinking of taking your business online and searching for a web design company?

Confused about what your online website looks like?

Don’t have an idea about what sections or content must be there on the website.

Every entrepreneur who is thinking about taking his/her business online must start with having a fully-functional mobile-compatible website. However, before getting a website engineered, they have to decide about what is the purpose that they are trying to fulfill with the website, the kind of content that needs to be featured on the website, who are their visitors or customers, and how the website is going to enable them to complete their goals.

WEB DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT for Building Websites – Driving traffic – Higher engagement – More conversion


The development and design of websites are an umbrella term for web design and development. It has 2 major components – Web design that deals with the look and feel of websites and as the name suggest, it is related to the design of websites and especially the user experience aspects of websites like appearance, layout, content, font, imageries, color combination, etc. It also encompasses the functionality and ease of finding information through the designing of web pages. Nowadays, web designers use both adaptive and responsive designs while engineering web pages. Web development is related to the backend development of websites and their functionality. Web development is required to store and organize the information that comes from web designing. All the information that a visitor submits in the website in the form of making purchases, filling a form or writing reviews is stored in a database that remains on servers.


At Eugene Solution, we not only just start developing websites. A session with the prospective website owner to understand his/her requirements, the industry in which he/she is operating, the current issues that he/she is facing and how this website will fulfill his/her goals are understood. Thorough research on the current competitors, their online presence in terms of websites, online stores, and mobile apps helps us to understand the complete scenario and the kind of website or online store that we need to develop.


A good web design positively influences user outcomes. A positive user experience increases the chances of users visiting websites repeatedly. The usability and functionality of the website should be such that the web pages and links should be uploaded swiftly, call-to-action buttons must be placed strategically, and the user flow must of effortless. All these factors contribute to the success of the website and thereby increase the chances of customers repeating their visits and purchases.


Navigation on the website or an online store must be simple. A user must feel easy to navigate and find what he/she is looking for. Easy navigation or website flow helps the user in saving their time, builds trust and increases the credibility of the website or an online store. A simple website structure so that a user knows each step of the process, consistent navigation with breadcrumb links for letting them know about the complete track over the website, and a progress bar to know the stage at which a user is in the complete process adds value to the website and helps in increasing sales or conversion. Clearly labeled next step along with mentioning about the details required before the next step saves time and gives the user an idea about what he/she is going to do.


Higher Exposure

The main benefit of a well-engineered website is in getting more exposure in Google Search Result Pages and thereby increased traffic. The main reason for more exposure through search engines is that a well-designed website along with unique and relevant content that adheres to SEO Standards has more chances of getting higher ranks in the search results which in turn increases the propensity of getting more traffic.

More Lead Conversion

A well-executed website with responsive web design has more chances of engagement with site visitors. With the added feature of design compatibility, requesting information by visitors in the form of the contact information or signing up for emailers or information for sharing promotional messages, gets easier and thereby increases the chances of more conversion.

Higher Customer retention

Along with responsive web design, unique and relevant content adds value to a website. Any kind of blogs, relevant articles, videos of products or services, product or service reviews, direct chat with website representatives increase the chances of customer retention.

Brand Recognition

A fully functional, adaptive, and responsive website represents a business in the marketplace. It is the first point of contact for those who are searching and interacting with a business online. It also helps in establishing and creating a market for the company and thereby helps in increasing sales. Nowadays visitors first search online and connect with the businesses through their websites.


Our strategy, at Eugene Solution, is to satisfy a client with our impeccable services. So whether you are a small business entrepreneur who is going to take his/her business online or a large corporate house, we serve all. Our Web design and development solutions serve all types of clients and their respective industries.

Initial discussion and information gathering

At Eugene Solution, we host the initial meetings as a custom to gather every possible information to understand about the scope of the project, major sections to be covered, existing strategies, goals, target audience, and expected outcomes. We also acknowledge the competitors, their strategies including the channels they use and categorically gather information.

Digital Strategy

The information collected is further used to develop a tailor-made digital strategy. All the planning is done based on the client’s goals, target audience, purpose the website is going to fulfill and the kind of features needed to as per the industry requirements.

Developing information architecture

The digital strategist and information architecture developer work together seamlessly to document every aspect of the existing web design of the website and its functionalities. Then they create a draft of all the elements required by the designers and developers for the adjustments to be incorporated for improved user experience.

Creating design mockups

After creating and approval of information architecture, the web designers create wireframes which are basically the blueprints of the website and give us a preliminary outline of the new website. Web designers add company logos, color schemes, patterns, imageries, fonts, graphics, tagline, etc. to draft a static image-like design of the new upcoming website.

Coding and development

Coding and development deals in the coding of the frontend-facing interface as well as coding of the backend that consists of the development of a content management system and mapping it with the administrative dashboard to the frontend. It is considered the backbone of the whole system.

Quality assurance and testing

In the whole process of designing and web development, the digital strategist along with the developers tests every aspect of the website. At Eugene Solution, we perform UAT testing to check the functionality of the whole system. This is done before the website goes live to ensure that it doesn’t have any bugs or issues.

Website launch and optimization

Once we complete the development and testing part, we make the website go live. We also make sure the website is indexed by Google and will start ranking in the search result pages. – Get Creative Website Designing Services.

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