Do you attract customers for the upcoming season?

Are you finding it hard to attract genuine potential customers for your products or services?

Are you not getting quality leads?

Are you suffering low sales conversion?

Issues like these are very common for any business owner. Getting customers for the upcoming festive season or launching any product and wanting to attract prospective customers or positioning your product in a short span of time, all these are very common problems that a business endures. Also, aligning your products or services and expecting to find absolute customers is a problem. Similarly, increasingly spending amount of marketing spends without knowing the true cost of getting a customer is an issue. All these pin point to the lack of data-driven marketing.


Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing or Paid Search Advertising or Performance Marketing:

With Pay Per Click or PPC, advertisers are allowed to place the online ads of businesses on the search result pages considering criteria like demographics, intent, bid pricing, etc. PPC includes text ads as well as shopping ads. If executed precisely, it is a cost-effective campaign designed to reach the high-intent audience who are actively looking for your products or services.

How do PPC/ Paid Services Increase your Business?:

Pay Per Click is one of the absolute ways to scale up businesses by putting your products or services right across the prospective customers. With precise and absolute targeting, it is a quickly scalable and affordable way to market products or services. It is the direct way of approaching prospective and interested customers in a short duration with an added advantage of spending only when someone with intent reaches you through campaign clicks.

Ad Campaigns are measurable and trackable – The ad campaigns that advertisers launch under PPC services can be measured based on the basis of various criteria like clicks, impressions, conversions, amount spent, CTR, bid amount, locality, gender, etc. The data generated through such indices are helpful in optimizing the ad campaigns.

Fast Results – Advertisers use to adopt this marketing technique when they are required to achieve business goals in a short duration to time. PPC is best suited for seasonal marketing campaigns or launch of specific products/ services, or for generating leads. It takes months for SEO to get the same result that you can get in a few weeks’ time.

Precision and Targeting – One of the benefits of PPC is that you can target customers based on a certain location, keywords, customer’s interests, behaviors, etc. This flexibility allows advertisers to pinpoint the target audience and classify them by certain segments for more precision messaging.

Easy to Scale – PPC is really easy to scale if you are getting a good response from your campaigns. Simply by adding more amount to the campaign and keeping the ad settings the same, you can get results. As you know that you will be charged only when someone clicks your ad, you can manage the daily budget as well as Cost Per Click (CPC).


Whatever your marketing requirements are or whichever industry you are related to, at Eugene Solution, we offer the best Pay Per Click (PPC) Services that meet your business requirements. Most business owners focus on the issues or problems that they are facing and not the underlining factors. Also, lack of know-how on exactly what type of marketing will suffice their problems is also an issue. Eugene Solution offers comprehensive PPC services based on your profile, requirements, issues and goals that you would like to achieve.

Our Strengths:

Goals Defining

We help you with defining goals that you would like to achieve through PPC. It is the most important part of building your effective marketing strategy. Sorting out the business goals help in choosing the platforms and ad types. Your business goals can be broadly classified as:

  • Increasing traffic to your website
  • Generating leads
  • Increasing sales
  • Higher brand awareness

Eugene Solutions helps in suggesting platforms based on your goals. For example, in case you would like to increase brand awareness, social media platforms and display ads will be suitable. If you need to drive more sales, you can opt for PLA or search ads.

 Targeting Audience

What do you want your audience to do with your ad defines and their position in the sales funnel. At Eugene Solutions, we don’t just simple reply on keywords. We focus on the intent. We match the position of an individual in the sales funnel with keywords we bid for, the ads we display and the optimized landing page where we let him finally reach. Based on our experience, we categorize search keywords based on the nature of intent:

  • Transactional – where a visitor wanted to make a purchase
  • Informational – where a visitor wanted to collect information
  • Navigational – where a visitor just wanted to reach a certain webpage

Optimizing Landing Pages:

If you are targeting a large number of keywords then optimizing the landing page for your ads can create a challenge. Channeling visitors to a landing page for a generic is not going to produce positive results for the ads. In such a case the site visitors are less likely to convert and due to erratic page screening from visitors, the quality score of the ads are also less. At Eugene Solution, we focus on managing the target audience and optimizing landing pages. We try to maintain the direct correlation between the relevancy of the landing with the initial search intent and the demographics of the audience. Visitors are more likely to get converted to more clicks for buying or signing up.

Ad Creation:

The moment you set up your target audience and optimize landing pages, you can move to the creation of ads. The ads will serve as a link between interested audiences and optimized landing pages. The ads are meant to precisely showcase the USPs of the products or services that you are dealing with. At Eugene Solution, we experiment with various things in order to get maximum results from our PPC campaign such as making multiple types of Ad copies, visual media, extensions, etc.

Analyzing and Optimizing PPC Campaigns:

At Eugene Solution, we gather data from your various PPC ad campaigns from various platforms and analyze to get deeper insights based on various metrics such as:

Click-Through-Rate: It shows the correlation between the number of clicks your ad receives in comparison with the total number of impressions or the number of times Google displayed your ad. It basically measures the success of the advertising campaign and its effectiveness.

Conversion Rate: It shows the total number of conversions as compared to the total number of ad interactions done by the visitors. A lower conversion indicates that the advertisers need to change the keywords to high-performing ones.

Cost Per Click: This measures the amount that a customer is willing to pay.

Cost Per Acquisition: It indicates the competitiveness of the keywords and whether it is worth investing in.

Quality Score: This metric takes into account of various indicators such as ad relevance, landing page relevance, CTR, etc.

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