Are you facing difficulty in more sales conversion?

Is your advertising expenditure is increasing day-by-day?

Is your advertising ineffective and not able to convert?

Are you confused about which marketing channel to use for more sales?

These are a few of the issues that every business owner or entrepreneur need to confront on a regular basis. Even after spending a considerable amount on marketing, there are various issues like a decrease in the number of leads or queries, a rise in unwanted or wrong queries, difficulty in sales conversion, and less or no ROI. All this leads to owners getting confused about which type of marketing should they use or which marketing channel should they adopt to increase their visibility, leads, customer engagement and lastly, the ROI.


With Search Engine Marketing businesses enhance their online presence by harnessing the capabilities of internet search engines. SEM uses paid sources to maximize the number of users who visit our website. It is a simple, quick, remarkable marketing tool and if utilized efficiently it is cost-effective also to generate steady website traffic. It is the most targeted and efficient form of paid digital advertisement that puts your brand right in front of the customers who are searching for either your products or services.


At Eugene Solution, we focus on the basic issues related to the company or brand, industry to which it belongs, its current or existing marketing campaigns or strategies, processes, and zero in the reasons behind the issues. Based on our internal analysis we pursue the following steps:


Initially, we acquire and collect information about the brand, company, its basic business, marketing processes it follows, and the industry to which it belongs. Then we look into the kind of marketing tools, and campaigns it is currently using and its results in terms of queries, leads, the number of queries generated, quality of these queries, customers acquired, sales conversion, duration of campaigns, the budget allocated, and their results. We also consider existing paid campaigns the company is operating. In addition to this, we also do a competitor analysis and try to gain know-how on the types of digital campaigns they are operating. With in-depth digital analysis, we monitor the business/company relevant keywords that are cost-effective and identify both long-tail and regular new keywords. A thorough analysis gives insights into the efficiency of the existing campaigns and what other campaigns we can start for the desired result.


We resort to absolute targeting of final business-associated keywords that are being searched by the customers. In addition to this, we also ensure that the communication and messaging on the ads are relevant and match with the content of the landing page through dynamic keyword insertion. We created multiple copies of ads to test their relevancy and test various offers, messaging, and designs.


We do testing on the effectiveness of the landing pages and ads with different formats, messaging, and offers to know their responsiveness of them. Similarly, we optimize the campaigns based on their attributes such as keywords, devices, location, budget allocation, landing pages, age groups, etc.


Tracking the end result, measuring the effectiveness of the campaigns, and reporting data are important steps. We analyze data collected from the various campaigns regularly so as to know the efficacy of the campaigns, modify them, stop them to avoid loss on budgets and optimize them so as to derive and maximize results.


Instant client reach:

Through SEM, you can target your prospective and interested customers directly through paid campaigns. It is a short-term marketing strategy and offers a targeted approach to your customers who are looking for the products or services that you are offering.

Increase in brand awareness:

Paid ads allow you to display your brand name in the headlines of ads, description, display URL, etc. This will help in increasing brand recognition and awareness among customers.

Location-based Ad targeting:

With SEM, you can focus only on those cities or states, or areas where you would like to display your ads. SEM allows you to target a specific area of customers and you can also customize your ads by displaying them by changing ad language, offers, design elements, etc.

Selecting the right audience:

You can target your ad for a certain type of audience based on their age, gender, interests, location. This helps in focusing only on a selected segment of customers and helping you to maximize your conversion.

Increase in Traffic:

Paid Ads through SEM not only help in targeting your prospective and selective segment of customers but also help in increasing the visibility of the brand among them.


Our Search Engine Marketing is adaptable serves various industries, customers and is applicable in any geographic region. The core team of our experts helps customers in increasing their visibility, queries, leads, conversion, brand awareness, etc.

Our Strengths:

PPC / Pay Per Clicks

Target your ads on a selected segment so as to generate more conversion and pay only when a prospective customer clicks on the ads.

Remarketing Advertising Services

Helps in displaying your ads repeatedly to those customers that once visited the landing page of your product or services and thereby increasing the chances of conversion.

Social Media Advertising

Enables you to display your product or services ads on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

Google Shopping Ads

If you are selling products and want to display your product’s image and related information at the very first position of the search engine, then resort to Google Shopping.

eCommerce Advertising

It helps in increasing the visibility of your product and sales conversion on various eCommerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

Facebook Ads

We provide Facebook ads optimization services to improve the ROI.

Google Ads

Our certified Google experts help businesses best utilize the Google platform by creating well-optimized paid marketing campaigns.

Bing Ads

Our certified Bing experts help businesses best utilize the Bing platform by creating well-optimized paid marketing campaigns.

LinkedIn Ads

Our certified Linkedin experts help businesses best utilize the Linkedin platform by creating well-optimized paid marketing campaigns.

Video Ads

Our Video Ads experts help businesses best utilize Video publishing platform by creating well-optimized Video marketing campaigns.

Display Ads

Our Display ads experts help businesses best utilize the Display ads platform by creating well-optimized display marketing campaigns.

Mobile Ads

Our Mobile ads experts help businesses best utilize the Mobile ads platform by creating well-optimized Mobile marketing campaigns.

Start your business and increase its online visibility with our Search Engine Marketing services:

At Eugene Solution, one of the premier Search Engine Marketing companies in India, we offer robust and fully customizable SEM services to help you in increasing the visibility of your business locally, get more local leads and business queries, generate more business from your area effectively.

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